As Hope’s recently installed Senior Pastor, let me share something about who we are as a community of faith. Put simply, Hope Lutheran Church is a community where faith is active in love. Our congregation invites people of all backgrounds to find spiritual nourishment and support because this enables us to develop a mature faith capable of service to the community. We do this through vital worship, music, preaching, classes on biblical and theological topics, small group ministry and fellowship. We also provide many opportunities to put our faith in action through service to the homeless, the hungry, and the vulnerable of all ages. If this describes the congregation you are looking for, we would love to invite you to come and see for yourself.

May God Bless you,
Pastor Dan Severson

 Call:  (650) 349-0100


As a person who is “New to Hope”, we hope you will first be able join us in worship on Sunday. We welcome all! We have a fellowship time after church, called Cafe Hope, and we would love to have you join us there, so that we could get to know you better and you us. As a side note, the food is very good!

We do not have organized nursery care at Hope, but we do have areas near the back of the church where parents with infants often sit. We have a wonderful childrens’ sermon each Sunday for children of all ages, followed by a children-focused time away from the sanctuary, called Spark. This allows children, ages 2 through 2nd grade, to focus on the sermon at their level, and parents are given a chance to focus on the message of the week.

If you are unable to attend worship initially, please do not let that stop you from getting involved with our programs. We invite you to attend our wonderful adult bible study classes, social concern outreach efforts, our music program (choir and bells), senior outings to name a few. We would love to have you participate.

Please take some time to look over our events and groups on the website and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.


As Christians, the object or focus of our faith is not primarily a set of dogmas or intellectual beliefs about God. Rather, faith is an open heart for the living presence of God which comes to us in the power of the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ.

The gift of God in Christ comes to us as we hear the promises of God proclaimed to us, and as we receive the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.

As we grow in our ability to receive the gift of God by turning to God in faith and trust, we receive divine love, (for God’s being is love) hope, strength, generosity, and the desire to love and serve others. At the same time, the power of fear, anxiety and worry, and the possibility of despair, looses its control over us. Faith is active in loving service to others.

The Bible is a library of documents written in various literary forms by or about people through whom God acted in human history. Collectively, it tells the story of how our separation from God was overcome, and how this redeems us from the power of death. As such, the authors of these books serve as messengers to us of how God has accomplished our redemption and thereby secured our place in God’s Kingdom.

The church is a community of people from all races, cultures, and classes who are united by their faith in Christ. Those things that serve as barriers between people in the world do not apply. The people of the church gather weekly to receive the gift of God’s grace, and to praise and thank God for God’s generosity, goodness, and love. The church is also a community called to serve by addressing the needs of others in whatever way we are gifted to do so. As individuals, Christians are called to serve others in their vocation and daily lives.


  • Hope is a huge part of my life, and, simply put, they are family. The relationships I have nurtured in the congregation give me strength, joy, and a strong purpose. This place and the people here are my fuel for the week. Hope worship keeps me grounded—and on the right path throughout my day-to-day struggles.

    Church Council Member/Youth Committee Chairman
  • I was inspired by Pastor Dan's words near the close of a recent sermon:

    "Jesus is present in our lives no matter what evil we might be dealing with. Jesus goes where people need God. God's presence gives you hope."

    I wrote that down on my bulletin, and I have kept it on my kitchen counter since that day. It's a terrific way to start or end each day, and I take time to celebrate that promise.

  • Pastor Dan's enthusiasm for his calling is visible in all he does for Hope. The first few months he was here, we were uplifted by his great sermons, and before long we had the opportunity to be in the Bible studies we'd been hoping for. He knows how to talk to children as well during the children's sermons. In all ways his message is clear and unvarying about the grace available through God's gift—Jesus. My spiritual life is growing again through his ministry here.



It's always a real joy for us to meet new members.